Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Place, Same Experience

I went to a new place, Texas Cheese Steaks, for lunch today (corner of Saturn and Gemini)since I just happened to be driving by. Analysis: The menu on the wall was poorly located so you have to stand in the middle of the restaurant to see the choices and everything in the back was fully visible and very cluttered looking. To be fair, there wasn't really a better place in the layout of the restaurant to put the menus, and the text was nice and large. I ordered an “Old Smokey” which was a cheese steak with sharp cheddar and “double dare” horseradish sauce. When I ordered it I got the combo (with the sweet potato fries) and she asked if I wanted any sauce and I said no just ketchup. I went to get my pop and an extra cup fell out of the dispenser on the floor and the guy quickly grabbed it from me claiming it happened all the time but when I informed him I was just going to throw it out he took it with him and said he would use it in the back... seemed a little shady but whatever, I am sure there are a lot of uses and why waste a good cup. I went to get my drink from the machine, cherry coke looked good but big surprise it was running clear out of the fountain. I dumped it out and got Mr. Pibb instead. I head back to the office, open the sandwich, and !WTF! - No horseradish. It now occurs to me that this must be what the lady meant when she asked if I wanted any sauce. I mean why the hell would I order something with three ingredients (steak, cheese, horseradish sauce) and not want the damn sauce?! So the sandwich was dry but acceptably good anyways (great flavor on the steak), then I went on to the fries. The fries were semi-soggy and lukewarm but tasty enough, until I got most of the way through them and all the sudden my whole mouth filled with a terrible taste of what I can only guess was some kind of cleaning product that must have soaked into one of the fries, it was really disgusting. I ran to the bathroom and got a big gulp of water and spit it out but it didn’t help very much, I can't get the taste off my tongue. Up until that point I was still willing to go back (I really want to try whatever this double dare horseradish sauce is) but after eating that tainted fry I don’t know if I can muster the courage. It seems like they just opened very recently so maybe I will try again someday and give them the benefit of the doubt but maybe I'll just get the sandwich and not the combo...

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